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Nino Casella

Nino Casella was born in Pozzuoli (Italy) in 1961. It’s the city of Sophia Loren, the famous Solfatara and Amfiteatro Flavio. He worked in several city’s including the island of Capri. On the age of 20 he moved to Londen to experience the better Italian kitchens. After that, 6 months Saabrucken in Germany followed to eventually start his own classy restaurant in 1996 in the city of Nijmegen. Pasta e Fagioli is a filling soup that the entire country of Italy eats. It’s also the name of his speciality restaurant, without pizza menu’s in the ‘Van Welderenstraat’. He put classic Italian dishes into a new and modern jacket.


La Cucina

The Chef’s objective is making balanced food with an well considered combination of ingredients. It’s a way of cooking where‘mighty’ ingredients as butter, cream, heavy sauses are replaced by vegetable bouillon, olive oil and other less aggravating but tasty products. The cooking technics are focused on keeping the products as nutritious as possible and displaying the essention of every product in his food. The chef’s target is a good but simple presentation. We work with ‘olio extra vergine’ from Puglia and Umbria.


The daily fresh products as cheese, vegetables, meat products and fruit are being imported every week by a company that takes care of fresh products from Italy.


La Cantina

The wine list presents around 70 different famous wines like Brunello, Amarone and Sassicaia but also from local grapes like the Biancolella and Aglianico. At least 75 different kinds of grappa’s shine in their bottles and decanters on the grappadesk. Next to our home wine we also serve open wines per glass.

This year we are in the top 10 of the best Italian restaurants from Holland